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Privacy Policy

At GLS Consultants, we hold three cardinal principles in high regard:

1. We value the privacy of your personal information and take steps to safeguard it.
2. We do not sell your personal information to third parties .
3. We share your personal information only under very limited circumstances described in greater detail in the document below.

GLS Consultants wants you to be fully informed and protected. Please read this document carefully for a more detailed description of policies related to our handling of private information belonging to customers, financial professionals, and other users of our websites.

This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with, and is incorporated by reference to, the Terms of Use Agreement for GLS Consultants website. Our objective in offering this site is to provide better service to our customers and financial professionals, while respecting the privacy of their personal information. How We Protect Your Privacy All users are assured a high level of privacy protection when visiting or accessing our site.

At GLS Consultants, we understand that the security of your account information and any information that personally identifies you is important. (If you are a financial advisor or broker/dealer, this also applies to your clients’ account information). In particular, it is our policy not to sell information about you or your accounts to outside marketing firms.

As far as practicable, GLS Consultants ensures that unauthorized people cannot access secure data through our website or servers. Our servers use authentication to protect your sensitive information. Our staff members also follow confidentiality policies that are designed to protect your personal privacy.

At GLS Consultants:

1. We promote information privacy principles and fair information practices.
2. We do not gather highly sensitive information (such as race, sexual preferences or religious beliefs) about any person.
3. We do not disclose identifiers that any government agency has assigned to a person (such as a Tax File Number) for any purpose, other than in compliance with government law.
4. We do not collect, store, use or disclose personal or domestic credit information about individuals, except in compliance with the credit reporting provisions of the Privacy Act.
5. We do not sell or lease personal customer information to anyone.
6. We do not disclose personal information (such as your name or postal address) to any third party not defined in this document unless we determine, in good faith, that the law requires it to collect or report debts, in consideration of our property or rights, or in compliance with other regulatory responses. In such cases where disclosure is necessary to cooperate with regulatory or law enforcement authorities, we have permission from our investors through their investment agreements to report personal information.
7. We use personal customer information in ways that are consistent with the purposes for which we originally requested.
8. We limit the collection and use of your personal information to what is necessary to administer our business and to deliver superior service to you.
9. We may disclose your personal information – on a confidential basis – to external service providers for the purposes of our business operations.

Under certain circumstances, we share information with outside vendors who provide services to us such as the mailing of statements and proxy solicitation. In those cases, the firms with which we do business enter into confidentiality agreements with us, and the information we provide to them is limited to only that which is necessary to process transactions and perform other services related to your account. (If you are a financial advisor or broker/dealer, this also applies to your clients’ account information.) We may also share information with affiliated companies that service your account or provide you with information about GLS Consultants’s product or services. It is also our policy to share account information with your financial advisor and his or her authorized agents, acting on your behalf, in an effort to provide service to you or your account(s).