Want To Know Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna (DDJAY) Plotted Scheme?

Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna-Affordable Plotted Housing Policy 2016 for Low & Medium Potential Towns.

The Governor of Haryana is thrilled to submit the subsequent ‘Affordable Plotted Housing Policy for Low and Medium Potential Towns’ recognized as ”Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana” beneathneath the provisions of Section 9A of the Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975 and another corresponding statute governing Development of plotted housing colonies at the concern:-

This coverage will be recognized as ‘‘Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana’.This coverage is supposed to inspire the improvement of excessive density plotted colonies in Low and Medium Potential cities of the State in which small plots are made to be had via a liberal coverage framework.

All such tasks will be required to be always finished inside 7 years (five+2 years) from the date of supply of licence.

The tasks beneathneath this coverage will be allowed handiest withinside the residential area of the notified Development Plans of Low and Medium Potential cities of the State. Further, in any residential region now no longer greater than 30% of the internet deliberate vicinity beneathneath residential area, which includes the 20% vicinity restriction allowed for institution housing tasks, may be allowed for tasks beneathneath this coverage. However, if a residential region has a place of much less than 50 acres, one such assignment will be allowed upto 15 acres.

The minimal and most internet deliberate vicinity for such tasks will be five acres and 15 acres respectively regardless of the Development Plan wherein such assignment is proposed. Not greater than 10% of the licenced vicinity have to fall beneathneath region roads.

The first licence can be acquired for a place of five acres or greater and extra licence for minimal 2 acres may be acquired to take the aggregated vicinity of colony upto 15 acres.

Grant of licence will be taken into consideration beneathneath this coverage, initially, in opposition to 20% institution housing vicinity restriction in such region. Once the vicinity beneathneath 20% restriction stands exhausted due to both institution housing licences or low-priced housing coverage 2013 tasks or beneathneath the existing coverage; supply of any in addition licence beneathneath this coverage will be taken into consideration handiest upto a in addition restriction of 10% of the internet deliberate vicinity beneathneath residential area of such region.

(i) The programs for licence acquired beneathneath this coverage have to be made withinside the layout as prescribed withinside the Rule three of the Haryana Development and Regulations of Urban Areas Rules, 1976 and the stated Rules will be relevant mutatis -mutandis for processing of the utility beneathneath this coverage.

(ii) The commencing window for receipt of licence programs beneathneath this coverage will be ninety days from the notification of this coverage. During this length –

In case, the receipt of licence programs in a specific region for vicinity is much less than the whole vicinity accepted in that region beneathneath this coverage, then all of the eligible programs will be taken into consideration for supply of licence concern to the minimal vicinity norm of five acres and most vicinity norm of 15 acres.Applications will be entertained on an ongoing foundation until the supply of vicinity in any precise region and/or any precise improvement plan vis-a-vis the vicinity limits prescribed beneathneath this coverage receives licenced.

In case the receipt of licence programs in a specific region for vicinity is greater than overall vicinity accepted in that region beneathneath this coverage, then:-

Every applicant will be eligible for minimal five.00 acres and the stability vicinity will be allowed to each applicant in percentage to the stability accepted vicinity viz -a-viz stability implemented vicinity.
ii.However, if all of the programs can’t be accommodated in view of minimal vicinity norms, then the DGTCP might also additionally don’t forget all programs via way of means of growing the accepted vicinity upto 40% of internet deliberate vicinity of residential region. If all of the programs can’t be taken into consideration even inside 40% of internet deliberate vicinity, then draw of plenty will be conducted.

(iii) After receipt of utility, entire in all respects, from an applicant, the selection concerning both issuance of LOI or return/rejection of licence utility will be conveyed to the applicant inside a length of six months from the receipt of utility.

(iv) Though the coverage does now no longer prescribe any cap at the allotment charge of plots, it’s far envisaged that with a ordinary and good enough deliver of excessive density residential plotted colonies beneathneath this coverage, the marketplace forces shall make sure that the quotes of plots are low-priced in such colonies.

PLANNING AND AREA PARAMETERS:The making plans and vicinity parameters for the tasks allowed beneathneath this coverage are as follows:
Max vicinity of plots to be accepted: a hundred and fifty sqm.Min. And Max. Density accepted: 240 to four hundred folks according to acre (PPA).
vicinity allowed beneathneath Res. & Comm. Plots: 65% of the certified vicinity
Area beneathneath Commercial Use: Max. 4% of certified vicinity.
FAR on Res. plot of upto a hundred and fifty sqm: 2.00
width of Internal roads withinside the colony:nine meter
Minimum Area beneathneath prepared Open Space: 7.five% of the certified vicinity. The whole vicinity prescribed beneathneath prepared open area shall rather be supplied in a unmarried pocket of ordinary shape. At least one prepared open area pocket, in every colony, will be of now no longer much less than 0.three acre vicinity.

No separate EWS/NPNL class plots will be supplied to get rid of any go subsidy element and for that reason to keep away from any negative effect at the affordability of plots made to be had beneathneath this coverage.

Clubbing of residential plots for approval of included zoning plan of adjacent plots beneathneath identical possession shall now no longer be accepted withinside the colonies authorized beneathneath the existing coverage.

The colonizer will switch 10% vicinity of the certified colony freed from value to the Government for provision of network facilities. This will deliver flexibility to the Director to workout the requirement of network infrastructure at region stage and consequently make provisions. Since the vicinity might be acquired in a compact block, it’ll assist in most advantageous usage of the vicinity.

Registration of impartial flooring in plots will be allowed. The stilt parking will be allowed.

Allotment of 50% residential plots protecting saleable vicinity (except for 50% vicinity frozen via way of means of the Department) will be undertaken withinside the first section via way of means of the licensee/colonizer. However, the colonizer shall additionally perform improvement works concurrently in this a rea additionally. It is clarified that 15% vicinity mortgaged closer to IDW will be a part of 50% vicinity frozen via way of means of Department upto crowning glory of IDW withinside the colony.

The applicant shall have an choice to deposit the value of inner improvement works with the worried Municipality as according to at the same time determined quotes.

As a be counted of protection in opposition to any viable delinquencies in crowning glory of the assignment, the coloniser will be required to loan residential plots protecting saleable vicinity of now no longer much less than 15% of the whole vicinity beneathneath all residential plots in lieu of depositing value of IDW with worried municipality, in favour of the Director.

The applicant will be allowed to promote the stability 50% of the saleable vicinity after crowning glory of IDW

Taking under consideration the reality that a restricted wide variety of tasks will be allowed beneathneath this coverage, the licence prices will be levied at the subsequent quotes:

For medium ability cities: Rs. 1 lakh according to acre & For low ability cities: Rs. 10 thousand according to acre

The scrutiny prices at prescribed quotes will be levied. The Conversion Charges and IDC shall stand waived off.
The financial institution assure to the track of 25% due to IDW will be submitted or the applicant has to loan 15% salable vicinity.
EDC will be payable on the charge of Rs.10 Lacs according to acre for Medium Potential Zone, Rs.7.five Lacs according to acre for all of the District Headquarters falling inside Low Potential Zone and Rs. five Lacs according to acre for all different cities falling inside Low Potential Zone. The financial institution assure to the track of 25% due to EDC will be submitted via way of means of the applicant.
The Director might also additionally impose another condition, as taken into consideration vital, to make sure provision of good enough infrastructure offerings to the colony and for powerful implementation of this coverage.

The allotment letter and sale-buy settlement entered into with the allottees shall additionally consist of the parameters prescribed beneathneath this coverage to keep entire transparency withinside the be counted.

In order to allow powerful and expeditious implementation of this coverage to facilitate advent of extra low-priced plotted housing inventory withinside the Low and Medium Potential Towns of the State, vital motion touching on change in Act/ Rules, improvement plans might be undertaken immediately.

Memo No. PF-27A/3429 Dated:-24.01.2018

Extension of Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana Policy, 2016 to the Development Plans of Sonepat Kundli Multifunctional Urban Complex, Panipat, PinjoreKalka Urban Complex, Sohna, Kot Behla and Faridabad-Ballabhgarh Urban Complex falling withinside the High Potential Zone.

In continuation of the coverage commands issued vide memo no. PF-27A/2700 dated 08.02.2016 and in addition rationalization issued vide memo no. PF-96/PA(SN)/2017/7/1/2017-2TCP dated 07.02.2017, the Governor of Haryana is hereby thrilled to increase the stated coverage to the Development Plans of Sonepat-Kundli Multifunctional Urban Complex, Panipat, Pinjore-Kalka Urban Complex, Sohna, Kot Behla and Faridabad-Ballabhgarh Urban Complex falling withinside the High Potential Zone concern to the subsequent conditions:

All fee & expenses viz license fee, scrutiny fee, conversion expenses, EDC & IDC will be recovered on the charge of 75% of the respective quotes relevant for residential plotted colony withinside the respective Development Plans.

All different coverage parameters as currently relevant beneathneath the present coverage dated 08.02.2016 shall preserve to stay relevant.

Endst. No Memo No. PF-27A/3430 Dated:-24.01.2018

A reproduction is forwarded to the Secretary, Council of Ministers, Haryana with admire to U.O. No. nine/46/2018-2 Cabinet dated 16.01.2018, declaring the implementation of the stated selection of the Council of Ministers.